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Store Policy

Customer Care

We take great care in the work that we do here at Michael's Microgreens. Providing healthy sanitary delights to your table is a passion of ours.

All employees are required to wash their hands thoroughly before handling any product such as seeds or the finished product (microgreens). In addition to this gloves are also worn when handling the product in its raw form in order to be as sanitary as possible. Each product is placed in brand new sterile containers. 

Every time we turn over crops, all of our trays go through a sanitary cleaning process. This is where we clean the trays and then finalize the sterilizing with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Spraying this on all the trays ensures they are sterile and ready for the next batch to start.

We use coco coir as the medium we like to grow in for microgreens. It starts out compressed and completely dry (void of bacteria). This is then rehydrated, and then this sterile material is then placed in our trays.

Our seeds are sourced from reputable providers and are of the utmost quality. The seeds we use are tested by the manufacturer to ensure the highest yield with a low chance of having issues while growing. This is how we pack so much nutrition into each tray!

Privacy & Safety

We take privacy and security very seriously at Michael's Microgreens. We use a secure domain for our website and all methods of payments are handled by third-party banking authorizers (i.e. PayPal, ApplePay, VISA, Mastercard, etc.). We will not sell your information to anyone.

We may send you an email now and then if you are on our distribution list or if you place an order, but we'll try not to bug you too much. If you are receiving too many emails from us, you can opt-out. Please reach out using the "Contact Us" section if you have difficulty with this.

Wholesale Inquiries

At this time we are only offering our plans as wholesale options. These are discounted plans in which you would get more microgreens than you would just by going through the order page. If you want to buy a full 10x20" tray of microgreens at a time, please "Contact Us" for pricing.

Payment Methods 

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Apple Pay

- Manual Offline Payments

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