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Have you ever wanted to grow your veggies as tall as they could grow?


Wish no longer! With this revolutionary design, you can easily manage your vinning veggies with this all new Veggie String Trellis. Once your tomato, cucumber, squash, etc. grow as long as they can up your Veggie String Trellis, simply unwind 1-3 times to lower your veggies and allow them to grow tall again. Repeat this process until you run out of string. Each String Trellis comes with approx. 10 yards of trellis string.


*No choosing color (each order will receive a random color)

*Colors may include: red, white, blue, and white and red multi-colored (limited time)

Veggie String Trellis

SKU: 2126
$4.95 Regular Price
$3.95Sale Price