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Have you ever grown Suger Snow Peas?


They are delicious and you can grow them a little earlier than everything else in the garden. Hence the name, they don't mind a little bit of snow.


These Peas were harvested from last year's crop in the Pacific Northwest! From our experience, local seeds usually produce the strongest plants and grow the best!


These are the type of peas that you can eat pea-pod and all. If you harvest them when they are around three inches or so they can be popped right in your mouth! If you wait a little longer and they get bigger than this, throw 'em in a stir-fry or you can shuck them and eat the peas. Either way, you can't fail with these delectable garden snacks.

Sugar Snow Pea

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    QTY 1: Packet of Sugar Snow Peas

    Approx. - 40 Seeds per container