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Behold, the very first of its' kind! The ALL NEW Dual Tray Holder! Designed and created by Michael himself.


Display your plant trays with this. Great for showing off your plants and make transporting multiple trays a time a breeze.


These tray holders are specially designed to withstand the typical weight of two 10x20" trays. Each of them are 3d printed which ensures good strength and accuracy. These were specifically designed for "Handy Pantry 10x20" trays but this will likely work for most other brands (dimensions below). These are designed to hold the tray with and without holes for each slot of the holder.


When we first started this business, we realized how difficult it was to transport multiple trays at a time in smaller vehicles. Of course, we could always buy a van or something larger to accomidate the growing orders, however, with a bit of enginuity we are able to haul even more than before with an even smaller car!


Below is the tray Dimensions that will fit in each slot (2 stacked with and without drain holes):

Dimensions:    top (mouth) of tray - 20.5"x 10 1/8th" - (522 mm x 255 mm)
Dimensions:    bottom (base) of tray - 19 7/8th" x 9 3/8th" - (504 mm x 238 mm)
Dimensions:    depth: 2 3/8th" (60 mm)

Dual Tray Holder - For Microgreens and Starts

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