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Would You Like Microgreens with That?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

If anyone asks you this, be sure to say yes. Microgreens seem to go on almost everything!

Have you ever asked yourself, what am I going to do with all these microgreens? If so, be sure to keep reading!

Microgreens can go on just about what ever you want! I have yet to try them on Cheerios, but you never know..

Salads are one of the easiest and most obvious things that you can throw microgreens in. It is as easy as taking whatever leafy greens you have in your fridge and simply throw on your microgreens of choice. If all you have is microgreens, you're in luck! They happen to make terrific salads themselves. Simply throw a handful of a couple types of microgreens in a bowl and add your dressing of choice. My favorite for salads in general is balsamic vinaigrette. This goes really well with all microgreens, but I have found that it is tastiest with spicy salad microgreens!

Tacos or nachos can be made in minutes and they are delicious! Panfry up a little ground meat or tofu with your favorite taco seasoning blend. Add all your favorite taco ingredients to either hard or soft shell tacos or chips and sprinkle liberally with microgreens. I have found that Radish and Spicy Salad work well with this!

Sandwiches can be eaten almost every day without tiring of them. However, if you do start get tired of the same old turkey and cheese or any other variation of this, simply add a handful of sprouts or microgreens. Your tastebuds will thank you and the boost in vitamins can help you feel better during the day and provide you with more energy.

Scrambled Eggs or Omelets can help you start the day off right! Make your eggs just the way you like them and sprinkle microgreens on top. If you're feeling daring, be sure to make an open face egg sandwich. Add some stone ground mustard and horseradish to the bagel after its been toasted. Then add your egg on top with caramelized onions as an option. Add radish or spicy salad microgreens on top and enjoy!

Smoothies.. Just what the doctor ordered! Add some extra vitamins, protein, and nutrients into your smoothie just be adding some greens. Add some ice, frozen bananas, and frozen berries of choice in your blender. Mix, blend and pulse until the desired consistency is found. Finally add in some kale microgreens. This will give you a boost that will help you make it through the day!

Soup is great in the Winter and Spring or anytime when it is cool out. Eating a bowl of soup on a chilly day can warm you right to the bone! Throw a handful of spicy salad on top to add a bit more flavor to a favorite soup recipe.

Pizza or nachos would likely be my desert island food. They are so delicious, I could almost have them in the morning, noon, and night! But I digress, add any type of radish microgreens to these dishes and you will not be disappointed!

Stir fry used to be one of my least favorite foods growing up, but I have grown to love it! Just heat up a wok or stir-fry ready pan with a couple tablespoons of oil (medium heat). Once heated throw in some minced garlic and onions to caramelize. Then you can add all of your typical veggies and meat if desired. For the last couple minutes of cooking you can toss in your microgreens of choice. I like radish and pea in the stir frys I make.

Hamburgers are a perfect meal for Spring and Summer. Especially when the rain stops for a little bit and we can fire up our grills. Ever since I started adding microgreens to my burgers I have been enjoying them so much more. Radish or spicy mustard microgreens take the burger to a whole other level.

To sum up, microgreens can be added to just about anything! The more regularly that you eat them, the better overall you will feel. If you eat microgreens with every meal, you are essentially boosting your vitamin levels three or more times a day. Hippocrates (usually regarded as the father of medicine) believed that the best medicine for our bodies is the food that we consume. So let us eat our vitamins up in the form of tasty microgreens so we won't need to take as many of those gross horse pill vitamins!

Bon Appétit

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