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Can Microgreens Boost My Immune System?

Updated: May 31, 2022

After reading the below, you will find that yes microgreens will boost your #immune system! But you will have to eat them to gain the benefits.

The image above is courtesy of Michael from Michael's Microgreens. These are pea microgreens that were delicious!

Did you know that Microgreens are full of all sorts of vitamins and micronutrients?

Research completed by the University of Maryland found that #microgreens have three to 40 times more vitamins and minerals than their full-grown versions. Some of these nutrients and their health benefits include Vitamin C: Healthy immune system and wound healing. Vitamin E: Healthy immune system and strong blood vessels. July 7, 2021

Microgreens contain a vibrant burst of vitamins and antioxidants. These antioxidants contain nutrients that boost your health. These phytochemicals protect their cells and immune systems against viruses and free radicals.

That means you can eat three to forty times less broccoli and supplement that with microgreens instead! They taste just like the full-grown plant but the texture is very delicate and fine. You're sure to impress the clients at your restaurant or your family members with these delicate delights!

Microgreens are just as tasty as the adult plant!

It can be difficult to try microgreens if you never have before because it is relatively new and it is hard to try new things sometimes. I will tell you this if you like your veggies and/or the occasional salad then Microgreens are for you! All that stuff about nutrition and the health effects is just topping on the cake when you think about all the other benefits that microgreens provide!

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