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It's all about the SPROUTS!!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Have you ever had these? They are quick to grow and taste amazing.

Image courtesy of Michael from Michael's Microgreens. These are fully-sprouted China Rose Radishes.

Have you ever grown sprouts before?

It is extremely easy to do! First, you will need to take a handy mason jar with one of our #sprouting lids and put in about a tablespoon of the seed you would like to grow. From here, you simply fill up the jar with enough water to fully cover the seeds by a couple of inches. Let this sit for 24 hours while they soak. After this, you will only need to fill up the jar in the morning and the evening (whenever you can manage twice a day). Within 6 to 12 days you should have #sprouts. Seeds all have different growth rates, so some varieties may take a little longer to sprout.

Are Sprouts and Microgreens the same?

Actually no, sprouts are grown completely in water by rinsing the seeds every so often. These grow into full tasty sprouts in about the same amount of time it would take Microgreens to grow.

Microgreens are grown in some type of growing medium. This could be soil, peat moss, rock wool, the list goes on. At Michaels Microgreens we use compressed and completely dried coco coir. This means there is no chance bacteria will be in our medium when we add water to it.

In a nutshell, one is grown in water and the other has another type of medium for the seed to grow into. Either way, you are getting a whole lot of nutrition for such a tiny amount of seed!

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