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How Best To Harvest Microgreens

Have you ever wondered the best way to harvest microgreens? Well, just stay where you are and keep reading and you will soon find out.

Let's say you purchased a clamshell tray of microgreens from us and you're wondering how to make it go from plant to food. Just follow along with our simple five step process and you will be on your way to mastering the proper technique of #microgreenharvest!

  1. Wash your hands, and wear gloves if you deem necessary.

  2. Gather scissors or a sharp knife (sanitize if not clean).

  3. Grab a bunch (amount you wish to use) of microgreens with one hand and the knife or scissors in the other and use hand to move away bunch slightly from the rest. This should provide you with enough room to fit the scissors in the gap to cut them, or use a sharp knife to cut from the outside of the container to the edge of the bunch you are holding. If you practice enough, you may be able to cut the whole 5x5" tray in one handful (large bunch).

  4. Rinse microgreens with colander or salad spinner with cold water (this helps to get off any small bits of coco coir that may be attached).

  5. Finally place the cut microgreens in your meal of choice!

~Bon appétit

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