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  • What on earth are Microgreens?
    Microgreen seeds come from a mature adult plant, such as Broccoli, Radish, Kale, etc. These seeds are then harvested, cleaned, and dried by our distributors in a sterile environment. Once we receive the seeds, we densely plant these in our trays filled with coco coir. Once the plant has reached its microgreen height, it is then moved into clam-shell containers. This then is added to the stock on our website and in turn delivered to you. Microgreens are an amazing superfood that comes straight from seeds. Microgreens are like the "baby plant" of the full-grown plant that is being grown. On average microgreens have four to forty times the nutrients of the adult plant at this stage of growth.
  • How do I care for my Microgreens?
    That is a great question and you've come to the right place! First and foremost, if you want to get the utmost nutrition out of microgreens you will want to eat them sooner than later. The longer the microgreens sit on your counter, the more the nutrients start to break down. So in a nutshell, you will want to eat the live microgreens within 1-2 weeks for the highest nutritional content! 1) Be sure to water your microgreens daily (just a plash in each try to get the coco coir damp (if the coco has not absorbed all the water, simply dump it out of the container and it will be ready to water the next day). 2) Give the plant some light, but not too much heat (this can damage the plant and cause it to wilt). 3) Keep the lid of the clamshell cracked or all the way open for ventilation.
  • Do you deliver in my area?
    Right now, we are focusing our efforts on local delivery in the Sno-Valley area. If you think we should start delivering in your area, please reach out to us in the "Contact Us" section. Once we start expanding our delivery routes we can start considering new routes to add. Current Delivery Route: ​Sultan, Gold Bar, Monroe, Snohomish, Startup, Duvall, and Woodinville Current Delivery Route Zip Codes: 98294, 98251, 98272, 98290, 98293, 98294, 98019, 98072
  • Will they grow back after I cut them?
    Actually, they will grow back if you purchased any of our pea varieties. The rest of our microgreens you can cut once and get a single harvest out of them. One fun fact about the peas is that they are a "cut and come again" variety. As long as it is cut above the second from the bottom leaf and the soil is kept moist with some ambient light, it can produce up to two more harvests! That is up to three harvests for the price of one!
  • Can I keep it as a pet?
    You can if you want! Just be sure to water it every day so it doesn't dry up. Clean up any puddles if your pet has an "accident". Also, be sure to give it a little ambient light. Too much direct sunlight will make your pet weep. Also, remember there is only so much nutrients in the coco coir (soil medium). After a couple of weeks, most of the nutrients will be used up and your pet will either need to be planted in the ground or placed in the compost bin. Keep in mind if planted you will likely only achieve a stunted version of the full-grown plant. That is unless you are able to separate some of the plants and plant them individually. Even then, it should still be considered a pet, not necessarily dinner.
  • Are Microgreens good for me?
    Depending on the variety that you choose, you will be unlocking four to forty times + the nutrients that you would take in while consuming the full-grown version of the plant.
  • When do I eat microgreens?
    The microgreens we deliver are ready to eat the day you get them. If you prefer to grow them for a bit longer and get some more volume out of the microgreens, you can do that as well. If you grow microgreens 1-2 weeks or more past their ideal microgreen harvest time, the plants are then called leafy greens (the in-between stage of the adult plant). Be sure to care for the plants while you wait for them to grow to your ideal height!
  • What is the soil made from?
    The medium that we use to get the microgreens you see in pictures is actually made from coconut husks, called coconut coir. It starts in a dehydrated form and we add water to make it expand. This is one way we know that the media is clean and sterile.
  • Do I need to wash microgreens after I cut them?
    Usually it is always a good idea to rinse produce before using it. If you are able to cut above the media line and are able to keep the microgreens clean, you probably do not need to wash it. Although it is a good extra step if you would like to take it.
  • I see something that looks like mold on my microgreens. What is this?
    What you see is most likely roots of the microgreen plant that you purchased. These roots tend to sprawl out all around the coco media. If you are concerned with what you see, simply cut above the area that you saw and rinse the microgreens before use.
  • What do growing microgreens look like?
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